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20 years ago, hunting TV shows were far and few between. Most of the people who videotaped their hunting adventures were producing VHS tapes at the time. Guys like Bob Foulkrod, the Wenzel Brothers, and Roger Raglin dominated the shelves at your local archery shop. Jackie Bushman’s Buckmasters TV show was the first one most guys nowadays can remember, airing Sunday mornings on TNN when we were just kids.

Today we have entire television networks dedicated to nothing but hunting and fishing programs of all different varieties. No matter what type of hunting you like or what type of game you pursue, chances are there is a hunting TV show that you’ll enjoy.

The Shows

Hunting TV shows have undergone quite a transformation since their inception. Long gone are the days of poor audio and video quality, and production work that looks like it was done in a barn. Today’s hunting TV shows use top of the line video and audio equipment, and feature cutting edge motion graphics and production techniques. As technology has gotten better, so have hunting TV shows.

Outdoor Channel lists over 80 hunting TV shows currently being broadcast on their network. That’s right; 80! Add in the remaining shows from the other networks and there’s well over 100 hunting television shows to choose from right now. With only so many hours in the day it can be tough to determine which ones to watch and which to skip over. Below you’ll find a listing of some of the more popular hunting TV shows along with our personal recommendations.

Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures & Jim Shockey’s The Professionals

Jim Shockey

There are few names that carry more weight in the hunting world than Jim Shockey. This legendary Canadian big game hunter has traveled the world over in pursuit of nearly every game animal you can think of, and probably some you didn’t know existed. If you enjoy incredible scenery, big game hunting and watching one of the greatest “man’s man” hunters in the world these shows are for you. Visit Jim’s website at for up to date showtimes and to view some really great video clips.


The Crush with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

The Crush with Lee and Tiffany

This young, energetic couple from Iowa have rocketed themselves to the top of the hunting world in very short order. A combination of good looks, a great sense of humor and their ability to put monster whitetail deer on the ground has earned Lee & Tiffany a spot at the top of the hunting TV world. If you enjoy cutting edge production, some behind the scenes footage and giant whitetails then The Crush must might be your favorite show. Visit their website at TheCrush.tvfor up to date showtimes and plenty of extra video clips.


The Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall

Started in 2010 this new hunting TV show on Outdoor Channel follows a group of 6 real-world hunters in their pursuit of trophy animals. While The Legends of the Fall features primarily whitetail hunts this clan also likes to chase elk, mule deer and other critters as well. You may recognize some of the Legends from their appearances in various Drury Outdoors productions over the years. These guys (and gal) know how to hunt and they know how to film. Check out for up to date showtimes and more information.


Archer’s Choice & The Choice with Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Archer’s Choice

Ralph & Vicky Cianciarulo are two of the original pioneers of the hunting video and TV show industry. Dubbed “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple” these two hunters enjoy poking fun at one another throughout their hunting adventures which bring them all over North America. Archer’s Choice features 100% bowhunting action while The Choice showcases a variety of hunting methods including archery, muzzleloader, shotgun, rifle and even crossbow. You can watch videos and get up to date showtimes on their website at


Driven TV with Pat Reeve & Nicole Jones

Driven TV

A veteran of the hunting TV show industry, Pat Reeve started his hit show Driven TV several years ago after stints with Hunter’s Specialties and North American Whitetail. Focused primarily on their pursuit of monster whitetail deer the Driven TV crew takes you around North America and shows just how much work and dedication goes into not only harvesting these trophy animals, but capturing it all on film. Check out for updated showtimes and more information.


Beyond the Hunt with Rick & Julie Kreuter

Beyond the Hunt

Rick & Julie Kreuter got their start with Drury Outdoors on Dream Season Couple several years ago. While they still appear in one of Drury’s other productions, Bow Madness, they have also started their own hunting TV show called Beyond the Hunt. Showcasing every aspect of their hunts from pre-season scouting to hanging treestands in the summer all the way through the season Beyond the Hunt is a great new show that’s lighthearted, funny, and features some spectacular animals hitting the dirt. Visit for additional info and showtimes.


Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector

Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector

After his rising popularity on Realtree Road Trips garnered him a loyal following of hunters, Michael Waddell branched off on his own to create Bone Collector. With co-hosts Nick Mundt and Travis “T-Bone” Turner this group of bone collectors travels the country is search of trophy game of all type. One of the fastest growing and most popular hunting TV shows, Bone Collector is both funny and well produced while providing awesome hunting action. This show is a must-watch for any fan of hunting television. Visit for additional info and showtimes.


Duck Commander & Buck Commander

Duck Commander & Buck Commander

After a series of highly successful duck hunting DVD’s entitled “Duck Commander” this group of hardcore hunters teamed up with some MLB players to form “Buck Commander”. Both of these hunting TV shows feature cutting edge production and graphics along with a crazy cast of characters that make them highly entertaining to watch. If you’re into waterfowl and duck hunting be sure to check out the Duck Commander. If big bucks are your thing then Buck Commander is for you. No matter which show you choose you may just find that come fall you have a burning desire to wear black facepaint.


Life at Table Mountain

Life at Table Mountain

For those of you who enjoy Western hunting then Life At Table Mountain should be right up your alley. This new hunting TV show follows Scott & Angie Denny, owners of world renown Table Mountain Outfitters, through their seasons guiding clients to a variety of trophy game animals. From bear hunting in Idaho to chasing Antelope and Mule Deer in Wyoming this show follows “Average Joe” hunters as the TMO professionals as they guide them to their quarry. Visit for showtimes and information.


Drury Outdoors – Wildlife Obsession, Dream Season & Bow Madness

Drury Outdoors

Best known for their highly successful line of hunting DVDs including Whitetail Madness, Dream Season and Monster Bucks, Drury Outdoors currently offers 3 different hunting TV shows. Bow Madness features 100% archery action and is highly popular with hardcore bowhunters. Wildlife Obsession follows the Drury team around North America in pursuit of a variety of game with all different weapons. Dream Season, possibly the most popular of the 3 programs, showcases several teams of hunters and cameramen as they navigate their hunting seasons in hopes of being crowned the winner at the end. Visit for more information and showtimes.


Campbell Outdoor Challenge

Campbell Outdoor Challenge

Putting a whole new twist on hunting, the Campbell Outdoor Challenge features teams of hunters and cameramen competing against one another for a variety of prizes. Teams are placed in the same hunting areas under the same conditions for the same length of time and judged on both the quality of the animals they harvest as well as the quality of the footage they are able to capture. This show is packed full of action from all corners of the country and includes hunts for antelope, hogs, mule deer, whitetails and even a bowfishing challenge. Visit for more information.



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