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The Networks

With hunting and outdoor television becoming increasingly popular over the past two decades, a number of TV networks specializing in outdoor TV shows have come and gone.

The Outdoor Channel

The Outdoor Channel

The biggest and arguably the most well-known is the Outdoor Channel. Available on both DirecTV and Dish Network along with a host of cable companies including AT&T, Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner, Outdoor Channel reaches into millions of homes across the world each day. Beginning in June 2010 Outdoor Channel has become the only full-time outdoor network to be broadcast in 100% HD. Without question, Outdoor Channel has been a major contributor to the success of hunting TV shows and features some of the most popular stars such as Jim Shockey, Michael Waddell, the Drury Brothers, and Lee & Tiffany Lakosky.


Sportsman Channel

Sportsman Channel

Founded in 2003, Sportsman Channel is another well-known provider of hunting, shooting and fishing TV programs. This popular network is available on Dish Network, DirecTV, AT&T and several other large outlets as well. Although Sportsman Channel does not reach as many homes as Outdoor Channel, it is rapidly gaining viewership and developing some of the best new hunting programs.




Versus, a network dedicated to various sports including NHL hockey and MMA, also broadcasts a variety of hunting TV shows. While hunting makes up only a small part of the programming on Versus, it’s nice to see hunting programs being shown alongside some of the more popular and socially recognized sporting events. Versus currently reaches into more than 73 million homes, making it one of the largest networks to broadcast hunting programs.



Pursuit Channel

The new kid on the block when it comes to hunting TV shows is the Pursuit Channel. Currently only available on DirecTV’s basic service, the Pursuit Channel still reaches over 26 million households. With a wide range of only hunting and fishing TV shows, Pursuit Channel is a growing network with plenty of quality hunting programming.


Wild TV

Wild TV

For those of you who live in Canada, Wild TV offers many of the same hunting TV shows found here in the US. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta Wild TV proudly boasts 80% hunting content and can be found on many major providers in Canada including Shaw and Telus.


The Internet

Without question, the Internet has changed the way we communicate. From e-mail and instant messaging to music downloads and streaming videos there’s almost nothing you can’t find on the Internet these days; including hunting videos. A simple Google search for “hunting videos” brings up over 18 million results!

Just as there have been television networks dedicated to hunting programs, there are websites as well. Sites like and MyOutdoorTV.comoffer nothing but hunting and outdoors programs while large social networking sites like YouTube offer literally hundreds of hunting related videos to keep you occupied., one of the most popular websites in the world for serious bowhunters, offers a variety of bow hunting videos including the popular web-only show “Bowhunt or Die”. Hosted by Todd Graf and Justin Zarr, Bowhunt or Die follows a team of dedicated bowhunters throughout their season with new episodes being posted online weekly from August to January. Unlike most of the cable networks, there are no additional subscriptions needed to watch Bowhunt or Die. If you have an Internet connection you can watch the shows from your comfort of your computer desk any time of day or night. No DVR necessary! Anyone interested in watching real-world bow hunting adventures or learn about the latest bowhunting gear should be sure to visit the Bowhunting.comVideo Gallery.


Many of today’s TV stars also have their own websites where you can often find past episodes and exclusive web-only video clips. So if you can’t get enough of these hunting celebrities on TV, be sure to check out their websites as well.

With hunting TV shows continuing to grow in popularity we will continue to see the production and entertainment of these shows increase for some time. If you’re an outdoorsman who spends your limited free time watching these shows do yourself a favor and make sure you’re only watching the best of the best.



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